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"I've been using your shears for over 8 months now. They have sheared many many acres without any problems. The MightyAxe is one tough hombre."

Texas Brush Busters
Bill Deel

Dr. Joe and his father preparing to cut cedar trees on their horse ranch near the Kansas-Nebraska border. MightyAxe is going to make their job a lot easier!

Dr. Wayne has a new housing development in the hills of Arkansas. He is ready to start clearing trees and brush with his new MightyAxe.

Jerry and his brother are ready to cut brush and trees on their Oklahoma ranch using their MightyAxe with brush guard attachment.

David cutting trees on his weekend farm near Kansas City, Missouri. David has a MightyAxe with a push bar on his new John Deere tractor.

Lance just received his new MightyAxe with optional Brush Guard. Now he can begin clearing his cattle ranch of unwanted brush and trees making the room he needs to raise more cattle.

Howard is getting ready to cut trees and brush with his new MightyAxe on his farm near St Louis, Missouri.

Darryn is saving time and money by gathering brush and trees with his new Brush Grapple.