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The MightyAxe™ Tree Shear is a heavy-duty, scissor-like piece of equipment featuring hydraulic cylinders producing 60,000 to 80,000 pounds of pressure that cuts a tree at or below the ground level eliminating stump problems, without disturbing the soil.

Its universal skid steer hookup quickly attaches to most skid steer loaders and tractors.

MightyAxe™ is the best choice for tree and brush removal.  Farmers, ranchers, forestry service, arborists and construction companies all use the MightyAxe Tree Shear to remove unwanted trees and brush of all types and size. The MightyAxe design allows for selective cutting, allowing valuable trees to be saved. The pointed blade design also allows the operator to reach tight areas that might not otherwise be easily reached.



Specifications MightyAxe Tree Shear Tree Shear w/ Brush Guard
Weight 1230 lbs 1340 lbs
Height 20" 56"
Width (frame) 65" 65"
Depth 40" 40"
Shear blade material 1" Hardened Steel Milled Knife Edges
Operating capacity 1500 lbs
Hydraulic flow requirement 10 gpm * (minimum)
Hydraulic pressure requirement 1,700 psi * (minimum)

* Optimum results occur when operating with more GPM and PSI.

Sheer Number Rod (in.) Bore (in.) Stroke (in.)
2 Blades 2 Cylinders 3.00" 5.00" 8.00"


  • Eliminates stumps by cutting at or below ground level
  • Free-floating, 5 inch hydraulic cylinders are designed at a downward thrust for maximum performance
  • Black Nitro Rod cylinders won't rust or pit
  • Hydraulic cylinder hoses are protected inside the shear to prevent damage
  • No protruding bolt heads or nuts below the blades resulting in the blades hitting the ground first
  • Powder coated for a durable finish