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Toughest tree shear working today!

MightyAxe Tree Shear

MightyAxe Tree Shear is a heavy-duty, scissor-like piece of equipment featuring massive hydraulic cylinders producing 60,000 to 80,000 lbs of pressure to cut trees at or below the ground level, eliminating pesky stump problems without disturbing the ground.

MightyAxe Tree Shear

Why MightyAxe Tree Shear?

Universal Hookup

quickly attach to skid steers & small tractors

Narrow Frame

for more selective tree & brush cutting

Solid Steel

won't wear out, pit or rust

MightyAxe is the best choice for tree and brush removal. Farmers, ranchers, forestry service, arborists, commercial cutters, and construction companies use MightyAxe to clear pastures, fence rows, brush, firebreaks, unwanted timber, and more.

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