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Product Information

Product Overview

Product Specs

​Tree Shear Requirements

  • Operating Capacity: 1,500 lbs 

  • Hydraulic Flow: 10 gpm* minimum

  • Operating Pressure: 1,700 psi* minimum


* Optimum results occur when operating with more gpm and psi

Tree Shear Dimensions (including brush guard)

  • Weight: 1,340 lbs

  • Height: 56"

  • Width: 65"

  • Overall Depth: 40"

  • Blade Opening: 20.5" tip to tip

  • Rod: 3"

  • Bore: 5"

  • Stroke: 8"

Tree Shear Materials

  • Arms & Frame: Solid Steel

  • Blades: Two 1" hardened carbon steel with milled knife edges 

  • Cylinders: Two 5" hydraulic cylinders with 3" black nitro rods


See FAQs for general operation and maintenance recommendations

MightyAxe Tree Shear is a heavy-duty, scissor-like piece of equipment featuring massive hydraulic cylinders producing 60,000 to 80,000 lbs of pressure to cut trees at or below the ground level, eliminating pesky stump problems.

MightyAxe is the best choice for tree and brush removal. Farmers, ranchers, forestry service, arborists, and construction companies use MightyAxe to clear pastures, fence rows, brush, firebreaks, unwanted timber, and more.

  • Designed on a narrow frame at 65" wide with 20.5" between the points of the blades, allowing for more selective tree cutting and brush removal

  • Uses a quick attach, universal hook-up, fitting most skid steers and tractors using their existing hydraulic system

  • All hydraulic hoses are protected inside the tree shear to prevent damage

  • Equipped with 3" solid steel arms that pivot on 4" chrome pins

  • Uses heavy-duty 5" hydraulic cylinders with 3" black nitro rods that won't pit or rust

  • 5" hydraulic cylinders are free-floating and designed at a downward thrust for maximum performance

  • Tree shear blades are 1" milled knife-edge, heat-treated, high carbon steel, and can be reversed 

  • Blades hit the ground first and have no protruding bolt heads or nuts on the bottom of the blades

  • Powder-coated for a durable finish

MightyAxe Tree Shear is proudly built and manufactured in the USA!
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